Angel’s Teepees Slumber Parties – A magical way to celebrate kids’ birthdays!

For moms the most important thing in life is to make their kids happy. The kid’s birthday is a very special moment for them. It is a time to celebrate and an opportunity to make the child feel loved and special.

But when the child’s birthdays wishes can turn into a very smart and success business idea, it is even better!

That’s what happened with the Brazilian mum Lisa Pinto, when her five year old daughter and her seven year old son asked her if they could do a sleep over at their friends’ house: 

“At that moment, I had the idea to plan a sleep over party for their birthdays in the comfort of my home while giving them the chance to be independent, sharing and bonding with their friends.” Said Lisa. 

And who can be a better partner to make this dream come true than a long time friend? So she called Kelly  Danis, (of course, also a mom) who is a not only a bank manager but a specialist in kids’ parties too. Their idea started with the love of transform her kids’ birthdays into unforgettable and fun moments.

Together they had so much fun researching everything about the teepees , decorations and activities to do with the kids, that their  first party was a big hit .

The party theme was Shopkins chosen  by Luana, the birthday girl. Based on the space available 10 kids were invited and they all arrived in their pyjamas and pillows. They all got so happy when they saw the decorated teepees set up with fairy lights , fake candles, lanterns and buntings that they couldn’t stop screaming of excitement!!! 

It was an amazing feeling to see  the outcome of our first sleepover party !

Lots of fun activities kept the kids entertained  such as treasure hunt , pillow fight, musical chairs,   piñata, nails and beauty time. For dinner the  kids made their own pizza and had chocolate fountain with  fruits as a desert together with lots of giggles !!

To relax, the kids had a movie session  and popcorn and finally time to sleep.

The most special part was when they woke up and realised that  they  were still together for breakfast and more fun!!! 

After that, when it was clear to see how much fun the kids had, they started to get the mums of the kids who attended  the party or with similar age children asking them to help to organize their kids’ sleepover parties . That was when they created ‘Angel’s Teepees’ to continue doing what they love and make other kids happy by providing them what they consider a unique and magic experience.

 A good idea combined with a good partnership and the love of planning unforgettable parties made this Brazilian a happy and successful business women in Sydney.  

Owners:  Alerissa Pinto and Kelly Danis

Business Type: Kids Party organization 

Business Since: Jun 2017


Facebook: @angelsteepees

Instagram: @angelsteepees

Address: Beverly Hills , NSW

Phone: 0410582699

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