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The art of photographing and eternalizing not only images, but feelings.

Achieving feelings through photography is an art that requires a sensitivity that goes beyond technique. An entire life experience can be printed in the style of a photography, and this is how the photographer Raquel Pires manages to unite the natural romanticism of her personality and all her trajectory in a style of her own,… Read more »

Angel’s Teepees Slumber Parties – A magical way to celebrate kids’ birthdays!

For moms the most important thing in life is to make their kids happy. The kid’s birthday is a very special moment for them. It is a time to celebrate and an opportunity to make the child feel loved and special. But when the child’s birthdays wishes can turn into a very smart and success business… Read more »

Connecting with the Connector

A Brazilian born, Syane is the creator of the project ‘Net Brasil’ and has a passion for people. Graduated in Social Communication and with the Diploma of Business Management, she aims to inspire and to help people in the commitment and dedication, in what they seek in life. With the right support during the connecting… Read more »

Starting your own business?

Starting your own business? Here are some key internal and external considerations to consider before starting your journey. 1. INTERNAL CONSIDERATIONS • What is your product/service? • Who is your target market? • What is your business structure? – Sole trader – Partnership – Company • What is your mission/vision statement? • What type of… Read more »

Why you shouldn’t use a Business Plan template

Don’t get me wrong, business plans and other business related template documents have helped loads of people put their business ideas together. It is probably a great start! But the good old template with generalised statements about the business and unrealistic financial projections has come under the radar as an unreliable source of information. Even… Read more »

Vibe de galeria de arte

Kaleidoscope Tattoo Studio reúne instalações modernas, time talentoso e qualidade de serviço. Conheça a trajetória do brasileiro Luciano Lima e de seu estúdio de tatuagem e piercing, localizado em um dos lugares mais badalados de Sydney, Austrália. Há mais de 20 anos morando em Sydney, ele alcançou seu sonho comandando o reputado Kaleidoscope Tattoo Studio,… Read more »