Connecting with the Connector

A Brazilian born, Syane is the creator of the project ‘Net Brasil’ and has a passion for people. Graduated in Social Communication and with the Diploma of Business Management, she aims to inspire and to help people in the commitment and dedication, in what they seek in life. With the right support during the connecting process, and for being dynamic and visionary person, she believes that with the right orientation and social development anyone can work and grow together. Syane knows everyone and everyone knows her, she is what we can call "A Super-Connector".

Syane matches people with opportunities. As connector, she also can provide a different view of people potential, because the whole basis of this work is that not everything is only about who you know, but to see an overall picture that can lead to the best combination where good results are possible for everyone involved. Going above and beyond to connect on an intimate, emotional, spiritual, or personal level it is important for a successful career and personal achievements.

For being an observer and caring person, Syane can take the connection of what people really want to the next level and make them achieve their goals, specially in the business world, adding value of who they really are and how do they want to succeed. It is not an easy job, once it depends largely on the commitment, dedication, and support of  everyone involved, but during the process of adaptation in the new environment, with the right help, nothing is actually impossible.

‘What if?’ Is the most important question to be asked in the connector job, where structures can be created, and the right strength in teams can be used to get things done. Right behind the scenes is a the connector, just like Syane, who build communities or rally grassroots support around a common cause.

“Nobody builds a company, or succeed in life by themselves. My story is like the story of many people who leave their families, friends and stability in their home and bet on a better life in another country. As a connector I can notice people strength which can allow anyone to interact on the most effective level, broad the possibilities of how to work with others, and to help them to succeed going in the right way to get the real big things done”  (Syane Pimentel Macedo)

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