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Choose up to two workshops from the listing below.

This workshop is for business executives from ALL INDUSTRIES and is focused on helping you increase CASH FLOW within your business.

This workshop will teach you how to easily develop and manage the cash flow within your business. You will walk away knowing when and how much invest in your business in order to keep a positive operational cash flow.

Learning points:
  • - Understand the difference between profit and positive operating cash flow.
  • - Learn how to build an easy cash flow spread sheet
  • - Learn how to forecast your businesses operational cash flow for next two years

This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs understand taxation in Australia. This session will help you identify your business structure and how that affects your taxes as well as cover topics on personal finance and taxation.

Learning points:
  • - How to apply for a tax return.
  • - Taxable income vs. tax according to your income and business structure.
  • - What is superannuation and how do you set it up?

This workshop focuses on helping you create a business model using simple design tools. You will learn about nine essentials building blocks that will help you transform your business idea into a viable structured business model. You will leave the workshop with your business model.

Learning points:
  • - Defining your core value proposition
  • - Defining your key activities, resources and partners.
  • - Defining your customer relationships, distribution channels and customer segments.
  • - Defining your cost structure and revenue streams.

This workshop is focused on helping you examine the essential areas when starting your business. You will get an overview of business stages, financials considerations, compliance issues and useful websites and information. You will leave the workshop with your action plan!

You will learn:
  • - How to evaluate business-readiness
  • - How to register your business
  • - How to analyse markets
  • - How to determine the best business structure for you

On top of this you will also receive a digital copy of our ‘Start Your Business Material’.

This provides you with a summary of all the information in the workshop, as well as a comprehensive guide full of contacts, organizations, companies and individuals that will set you off on your entrepreneurial journey!



Choose one specialist from the listing below to get your free consultanting hour.

Aline is the founder and chief of Flow Comex operation. She has worked in the Foreign Trade area for more than 12 years, passing by large companies in the area of electronics and dispatchers of load. She has developed a diverse network of suppliers abroad, for companies that work in the automotive, retail, accessories. Directly serves the Import and Export services, besides accompanying the clients in Visitation in International Fairs. Aline has helped many small and medium companies to enter in the International Business field and making them more competitive.

Fabio is our marketing expert. With roots in Corporate Marketing, especially in Branding, Fabio engages in an interdisciplinary methodology at the intersection of storytelling and promotion, adopting a responsible approach to rethink how people connect with each other through their ideas.
  • Conceptualization and branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Websites and Social Media
  • PR

Degree of Business Administration | FGV - Brazil
Master’s of Professional Accounting | Torrens University - Sydney

Michel is our finance and business processes expert, with over eight years of experience in management consulting. He is a specialist in financial plan, cash flow, business management and internal business processes analysis.

  • Business and financial planning
  • Business processes review
  • Strategic planning

Passionate, High Level of Confidence, Full of Determination, Entrepreneurial Spirit. Mastermind of Net Brasil, a unique website to connect, grow and promote the business of Brazilians in Australia. Net Brasil is a valuable way to exchange ideas with like-minded people to improve the way they do business. Passionate about people, I am a professional who like to inspire and motivate the ones around me to be their best. Helping and guiding them to achieve their goals successfully. Visionary, I like to explore new territories and push existing limits in the search for new challenges. I try to see good opportunities in those little things that others overlook. With a firmness of purpose and the resolve to achieve my goals, I have a fixed intention to overcome obstacles. I feel personal satisfaction in achieving what I set out, and this achievement makes me feel like a champion.

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