The art of photographing and eternalizing not only images, but feelings.

Achieving feelings through photography is an art that requires a sensitivity that goes beyond technique. An entire life experience can be printed in the style of a photography, and this is how the photographer Raquel Pires manages to unite the natural romanticism of her personality and all her trajectory in a style of her own, that goes beyond simple records, her photography has a touch of poetry!

Brazilian, born in the 80's and residing today in the city of Sydney, Raquel believes that the most valuable treasures that a person can have in their lives are the memories. For her, the photographic look is unique, even being printed through her lenses, it has a magical touch of her vision of the moment, from person to person, printing not only an image of that moment but, all the feeling around, independent of which essay she is working on.

Graduated in psychology and publicity, which according to the photographer helped her in the composition of her artistic-professional side, she has the memories of her own family as the greatest influence in her work, believing that images create and perpetuate stories, since it was the feeling that she always had as a child where she used to spend hours looking at family photographs and remembering the wonderful moments that they spent together right in front of her eyes.

Among photos of lifestyle, commercials, events, weddings, children's photos and family photos, maternity photo shoot is one of her favourites. Raquel says that she always tried to find a picture of her mother when she was pregnant with her among the many family photos, (Raquel is the youngest of six kids in her family) and without success, she believes today that these photos are part of one of the most magical moments worth registering for posterity, and she loves thinking the kids will be able to see how their mom was so magical and beautiful the time she was waiting for them.

Raquel is a true romantic person, she believes in soul mates, true love, and during her work she really likes to know the story of who she is taking photos to dream along with her clients. To be a photographer for her is not only to do very well what she likes to do, it is to eternalize a part of the history that these people will always be able to revisit and to be moved about it.

"I hope when you take your pictures, you can remember the laughter at that moment, the smell of your baby, the taste of the cake, all the environment surrounding you and all the love you felt at that moment as if it happened yesterday."
Rachel finishes.

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