About us


Syane Pimentel

Welcome to Net Brasil – a company that believes in the power of community for the development and motivation of the enterprising attitude and the enterprise initiative of the Brazilians in Australia.

Syane, the creator of the project Net Brasil has a passion for people. She has a degree in Social Communication and a Diploma in Business Management. She aims to inspire and to help the Brazilian community to unite, so that the business–oriented areas and social development can work and grow together .

My story is like that of many Brazilians who left their families, friends and stability in Brazil and bet on a better life in another country.

It wasn’t easy at first. The success depends largely on the commitment, dedication, and support we encountered during the process of adaptation in the new environment.

Dynamic and visionary, I want to make Net Brasil a major hiring platform of Brazilian services.

I Create. I Learn. I Grow. I do. I believe is never to late to start living a dream. I am an entrepreneur